Wealthy Affiliate? Scam? – Or Can You Finally Achieve Success Online?

Wealthy Affiliate!

They talk a big game, have all the right gimmicks and there’s thousands of members world-wide (roughly 200,000).

But why are so many people joining?

What’s Wealthy Affiliate offering members, can anyone become an Affiliate Marketer and generate an income through WA?

What’s the hype?

Out to find the truth, I have signed up for the Wealthy Affiliate University, it’s $19 for the first month and $49 every month after. There are no upsells, with advanced courses on Affiliate Marketing being offered.

Having no prior computer experience, new to Affiliate marketing, let’s see if anyone can start an online business and turn a profit.

After all that’s the reason we start an online business isn’t it, or rather an investment, to make money from it?

Having struggled in the online business world, one knows how frustrating it can be. To finally here that there is a system you can be trained at and make a successful business from it, is comforting. We are going to find out the truth, see if WA is for real, and finally bring some closure. Looking for the truth you found this page. What I have found might surprise you.

WA – Where Does It Come From?

What is Wealthy Affiliate, where does it come from and who made it?

Wealthy Affiliate is the brainchild of two men Kyle & Carson, their image below.

Kyle & Carson courtesy of Wealthy Affiliate

These two men have created Wealthy Affiliate with the noob Affiliate Marketer in mind. Their web design is user-friendly, easy to navigate, if you are new to Affiliate Marketing, their system is designed specifically for you.

Now, saying it’s designed for newbies, that’s not the only people who have joined. All types of people with all types of experience and backgrounds have joined.

Wealthy Affiliate has a very helpful, community minded atmosphere. Every member is eager to help, no matter what the problem is.

All of us who have started website’s really need an online business how to, with Wealthy Affiliate and there advanced training they show you the proper way to build a website, with 24/7 tech support.

Moreover, every member has a rank, with reward system, the more you help the next guy, the more you progress and improves your rank. We will talk more about this a little further down.

Membership – How It Works

Since I have started here at Wealthy Affiliate things have been good so far and I’ve been a premium member for close to four months now.

Wealthy Affiliate’s main training is called The Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. This course runs you through the basics of building a website and making it legal and functioning.

WA’s training is set up very well, when you begin you dive right into the training. Each course is ten lessons, and their are five courses.

I have followed the steps presented by Kyle & Carson and have completed the training. Currently having three websites through WA, to my surprise, one is actually generating an income.

Yes, I am still a member months later. This answers the question on whether WA is a scam or not, but I’ll touch on that later.

The work I have done at Wealthy Affiliate, is for the business’s that I have created. Everything that I have worked on, my website’s, domains, accounts, everything I have signed up for is in my name. No scam there.

By the time you get to the third course you have an operational website, even if your still on the free trial. You can do most of it for free.

Joining premium membership has many benefits, 24/7 Tech support, access to the whole Wealthy Affiliate platform. This includes thousands of training videos and webinars.

Here’s  what Wealthy Affiliate’s membership offer’s:

Step By Step Training  – Start Small Online Business

When joining Wealthy Affiliate, you don’t need any prior computer training so building your online business/website, is very simple. Each lesson comes with tasks and a video that walks you through the whole process.

The beautiful part is, as you complete the tasks and finishing the lessons, you are actually building your website as you are being trained.

It’s ingenious and a unique learning process. Other affiliate marketing platforms want you to put thousands of dollars down and promise overnight success.

This just isn’t true about Wealthy Affiliate. Not once did I hear Kyle (co-founder) boast about making a bunch of money, or your business being an instant success.

Like I said before you do need to put in hard work, like anything, if you want it to be successful.

This goes for anything in life.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Real Or Scam – Can Success online Happen?

Everything you research on the internet will come with negative reviews. I have done my research and found just as many negative reviews as there was positive ones, for anything I research.

When people sign up for something, researching it. They can make an informed decision whether it can work for them.

Wealthy Affiliate’s not a Get-Rich-Overnight scheme.

You have to put hard into it, do research and put your business together from the ground up. There are many steps you will take to make it successful.

There’s a lot of work to go into the whole process, just like any business, and Kyle & Carson have never denied this. In fact this is something Kyle tells you in his first certification video, you will need to work to achieve success through Wealthy Affiliate.

Commitment is the basis of any business, wanting your investment to succeed, means the ultimate commitment. You need to prioritize everything, if it’s something that your passionate about, you are going to do what it takes, to make it successful.

Summing Up My Experience

Going into this with an open mind, no judgement, I finally see the truth, having learnt a plethora of information from the Wealthy Affiliate training and I’m glad I did it.

There are good reviews and bad ones for anything on the Internet. People need to experience things for themselves to find the truth sometimes.

Fortunately, I have done it for you and the results speak for themselves. I have joined Wealthy Affiliate, became a premium member. After completing the training, my websites were fully operational and generating an income.

Starting this journey I was unsure if this was going to be the real deal or just another money grab. I’m glad to say that Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam.

When starting an online business, you really need to do the research. Finding the right platform is essential. You may want an online store, or sell Amazon’s products, whatever it is, do the research before you jump in feet first, and whatever it is, with hard work, it can be successful.


Trevor M


  1. You have given an honest review of an honest company, and that is refreshing, in light of all the scams I see online.  

    I, too, am in Wealthy Affiliate, and I find that it is very fulfilling to find a company where I have no questions about whether it is a scam or what will come next.  It is just straightforward:  You learn the skills and how to use the tools and you hunker down and build your website.  With what you have built, you will develop an income.

    There is no question in my mind that I am in the right place at the right time.  Many people have realized this, as the membership numbers in Wealthy Affiliate keep growing.  I just wish there were an easier way to convince folks who make poor choices and end up being hurt or losing money.  It seems we all have to find out for ourselves.

    • Yes helping more people find Wealthy Affiliate would not only benefit them, it would benefit us too. WA has an amazing Affiliate Program with everybody benefiting.

  2. Hi Trevor,

    Is this platform teaching advance affiliate marketing lessons? Are there upsells once a member pays the initial premium membership? I have tried a lot of affiliate marketing platforms and what bothers me is the unlimited upsells they offer. You always end up paying so much without gaining some money in return. I hope this platform is different. Thanks for the article.


    • Wealthy Affiliate offers advanced affiliate marketing lessons and there are no upsells. The only thing that they offer from an upsell perspective is purchasing a yearly membership, but that’s in your best interest and helping you save money. With WA you pay once monthly and you never asked to pay anything else.

  3. Hi Trevor. Thank you for your very interesting article on Wealthy Affiliate. I need to say firstly that I joined them recently because I was looking for an honest platform on which to build an online affiliate business. I was very sceptical at first, because I had been scammed by others, but their 2 free websites and domain off,r plus a huge amount of initial training, really got me interested and I thought, what the heck, what can I lose. So I joined and I haven’t regretted it, The training is fantastic, as is the social platform. I have built my first website and I’m looking at several others. Thank you for highlighting this incredible training platform to others. All the best. Jim

    • No problem if I can help another person that wants to start an online business I would refer them to Wealthy Affiliate hands down.

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